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                The Northern River City, intelligence and elegance,as a pearl of higher vocational education nearby Songhua River, JilinVocational College of Industry and Technology exudes a vigorous atmosphere,struggling forward.

                The full name of the school is Jilin VocationalCollege of Industry and Technology, which is approved by Jilin ProvincialGovernment in October 1950, it was founded in Changchun, at that time calledJilin Province Industrial College; the property of school now is nationalstate-run, the Ministry of Education for the record, and it belongs to Jilinprovincial higher education institutions that is subordinated to JilinProvincial Education Department. Currently, the college is the first batch ofDemonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges in Jilin Province, and the third batchof National Demonstrative Higher Vocational colleges.

                1.The history of school

                Since it had been established in 1950, the schoolhas been renamed Jilin Chemical Industry School in 1953 and was relocated tothe capital city, Jilin City, in January 1954. Due to professional adjustment,it changed the name to Jilin Food Industry of Jilin Province School in August1956. In August 1958, in order to adapt to the needs of the national economy onchemical talent, it renamed Jilin Chemical Industry School of Jilin Province.In May 1959, in order to meet the demand for highly-skilled talents in JilinProvince, an additional junior college was established and renamed as JilinChemical Industry College. Due to personnel and professional adjustment, itchanged its name to Jilin Chemical Industry School in  July 1963. InFebruary 1973, the school adapted to the needs of the development andconstruction of Jilin oilfield, renamed Jilin Petrochemical School. In August1978, the school was listed as a national key chemical school by the Ministryof Chemical Industry, renamed Jilin Chemical Industry School. Before that, thesuperior administrative units of the school have been to the PetrochemicalIndustry Bureau of Jilin province. In January 2002, Jilin Provincial People'sGovernment formally approved the upgrading of our school to ordinary collegesand universities, and confirmed that the school name is Jilin IndustrialVocational and Technical College and belongs to Jilin Provincial Department ofEducation. The school was formally approved by Jilin Provincial Government topromoted to regular institution of higher education, which determined the nameas Jilin Vocational College of Industry and Technology in January 2002,belonged to the Education Department of Jilin province.

                2.Geographic location

                There are two campuses in the college, the maincampus is located in No. 15 West Heng Mountain Road of Fengman District in JilinCity, the east campus is located in No. 70 Yishan Road of Fengman District inJilin City. The college covers an area of 141 mu and all of buildings cover 104thousand square meters, another hired long-term spaces are 2, covering an areaof 8 mu, the buildings on them are 6800 square meters. The new campus plans tocover an area of 443 thousands and 600 square meters (665 mu), the project areaof the construction is 228 thousands square meters.

                3.Educational Institutions

                The teaching units of the college is set up 6institutions, 3 sections and 1 center: the institution of Chemical Engineeringand Materials, the institution of Mechanical and Automotive Technology, theinstitution of Electromechanical and Intellectual technology, the institutionof Electrical and Information Technology, the institution of Pharmaceutical andEnvironmental Technology, the institution of Management and Art, the section ofideological and political teaching, the section of basic teaching, the sectionof physical education, the training center of Chemical Production Technology.Now we supply with the equipment manufacturing, biological and chemical andother types of 44 professions, including 4 national demonstration professions,2 provincial demonstration majors, 7 provincial characteristic specialties, 3brands of professional groups; There are 2 national exquisite courses, 13provincial exquisite courses, 23 provincial excellent courses, 2 called highexquisite courses teaching by Committee of Ministry Vocational Education.

                4.Basic Conditions

                The college pays high attention to the devotion ofthe hardware facilities, the total value of teaching and research equipmentadds up to 200 millions yuan at the end of July 2017. There are 319 facultymembers, 276 full-time teachers, 26 professors, 112 associate seniorprofessional and technical staffs, 212 teachers with Master's and Doctor’sdegree, double quality teacher ratio 86.7%, 24 long-term employment of"skilled craftsmen", 2 Changbai Mountain skills teachers, 7 excellentprovincial teaching team, 6 famous professional teachers, 13 national chemicalvocational higher education members of the Committee.

                5.Social Reputation

                The college gained the level of excellence in HigherVocational Colleges of talent training by the Ministry of Education, and becomethe first batch of key demonstrative higher vocational colleges in Jilinprovince in 2007, it was approved the third batch of national demonstrativehigher vocational colleges and set up the constructional units by the Ministryof Education and the Ministry of Finance in July 2008, in September 2011, itsuccessfully passed the national acceptance check. In 2012, the college wasappraised as the 2010-2012 advanced unit of spiritual civilization constructionin Jilin province and the advanced unit of Chinese petroleum and chemicalindustry culture construction. The college obtained two third-prizes for theoutstanding achievements of campus culture all over the province in 2013. Thecollege was rated as the advanced unit of vocational education in Jilinprovince in 2014. It was once again praised as “the Advanced Unit of ChinesePetroleum and Chemical Industry Culture Construction”, and was appraised as “thecivilized unit of the whole province”. The college won the excellent schoolaward in the first Jilin Huang Yanpei vocational education.

                The ability of education and reputation of thecollege have been accepted wisely by the society, it builds up the nationalshortage of talent training base, training base of numerical controltechnology, training base of pharmaceutical demonstration, the firstcooperation between the national petroleum and chemical industry occupationeducation and training enterprise teamwork, the first demonstration trainingbase of petroleum and chemical in Jilin province, the first batch of highereducation research base in Jilin province.

                The college actively participates in internationalexchanges and cooperation, which enjoys a certain position in the profession,at present, the college is the demonstrative base of china-Germany union inJilin province, Chinese chemical industry Education Association of northeastcooperative group of chief unit, deputy director of Chemical Industry EducationCommittee unit in Jilin province and vice chairman of Jilin chemical industrycommittee.

                6.The Message of the Future

                The achievements in the past is the bass of the newjourney, Jilin Vocational College of Industry and Technology closely surroundsthe college project of 13th Five-Year Plan, adheres to the unite of educationalpolicy and vocational education direction from the party’s, ensures location ofeducation; adheres to combine the function of high college education with thefeature of vocational education, clear the function of education; adheres thecenter of student development and expend the education of occupationtechnology. To promote the learning education of "two learning and onedoing" and the "five innovation and five strong" projectnormalization institutionalization; to promote ideological and political workand the culture construction of whitehanded college , and constantly deepenmanagement of the comprehensive strict party. To focus on professional (Group)construction, adapt to the needs of development; to pay attention to theconstruction of double qualified teaching team, to ensure sustainabledevelopment; to pay attention to cooperation between school and enterprise, toenhance the development of connotation. To take the lead in the reform oftechnical skills courses, to improve the quality of personnel training; to takethe lead in opening practical training resources, and to build a sharedplatform for undergraduates and vocational education practice and enterprisetraining.

                To give play to the advantages of the NationalDemonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges, to promote the interaction betweenthe connotation construction and economic social development, to improve thelevel of running schools and service capabilities, to accelerate innovation anddevelopment.

                To give play to the advantages of petroleum and chemicalindustry, to promoting close cooperation between oil and chemical industries,to strengthen cooperation between school and enterprise and optimization ofprofessional structure, and to accelerate coordinated development.

                To give play to the advantages of construction forthe new campus and campus culture, to promote the construction of ecologicalcivilization, to strengthen the planning, virescence, beautification andintegration of responsible caring culture in the campus, to accelerate greendevelopment.

                To give play to the advantage of Chang-Ji-Tu openingand guiding hinterland, to promote the integration of Chang-Ji-Tu developmentstrategy and the construction of "The Belt and Road Initiatives”, tostrengthen exchanges and cooperation, to accelerate the development of open.

                To give play to the advantages of covering a widerange of specialties, to promote the connection between secondary and highervocational education, to improve the ability of educating people and theefficiency of running schools, and to speed up the sharing and development.

                In the future development, Jilin Vocational Collegeof Industry and Technology will move forward with difficulties and encourageall teachers and students to gather strength and assemble all spirits, in orderto struggle for aim, which the college will build up with strong ability ofinnovation and the high level of domestic modern higher Career TechnicalCollege with the demonstrative function.